Nylon Shutter Pins

For your Interior Plantation Shutters

Order Nylon Shutter Pins

Nylon Shutter pins are used in the construction of shutters with movable louvers or slats.  One end of the pin is inserted into each end of the louver.  The other side of the pin is inserted into the shutter frame or stile.

Each pin has molded into itself a washer.  This washer prevents the louver from rubbing against the stile.

shutter pin

Order Shutter Repair Pins

This type of shutter pin allows you to install a louver into an existing shutter panel.  Because it is spring loaded, it retracts back into itself becoming flush with the inside of the shutter stile.  Simply move the louver over the pin. When the hole at the end of the louver finds the pin, the repair pin will extend into the hole and secure the louver into the panel.

 shutter repair pin